Hi I’m Author FH Jr. and welcome to The Watchful-Eye a web-page created solely to bring attention to the subject of Administrative Bullying. As a former educator, and school counselor I experienced a series of bullying tactics by school administrators including Board Trustees where a systemic system was put in place to ensure a brand of retaliation against me was carried out.

I later came to described the systemic system used against me by my school district as Administrative Bullying.  After speaking with others who shared some very similar experiences I came with the notion that although the subject of bullying in various forms has been discussed in our schools today, but no one was willing to discuss the type of bullying being carried out by school officials against employees, students, and parents.

I approached a Radio Station Owner Pearl Jones with a concept of doing a talk show on her station DFWiradio.com about this type of bullying that we named Administrative Bullying, and thus The Watchful-Eye show featuring myself FH Jr, and owner Pearl Jones serving as co-host was born in November 2011.

The Watchful-Eye show was followed up with a web-page where listeners can blog in and share their thoughts both good and bad about topics of the show,  listen to a recap, and visit other pages that offer more ideas, and products including information about purchasing my book entitled, “SOC, Welcome to The Cage”  which details my four years as counselor of South Oak Cliff High School, and the reporting of a disciplinary method used by its Principal Donald Moten where students were forced to fight it out in what was called cage fighting.