Cedar Hill Superintendent Horace Williams Retaliates Against Whistleblower Dr James Henderson who discovered Chief Academic Officer Dr Homer Carter had a Criminal Conviction

After months of investigating, and making request through the opens record act officials from the Cedar Hill Independent School finally came clean about why, and how Dr Homer Earle Carter the school District’s Chief Academic Officer who had a criminal record/assault was hired by the school district.  As with the story of Watergate for those who are old enough to remember it was  a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 1972 break-in at the  Democratic National Committee Democratic  headquarters at the  Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration’s attempted cover-up of its involvement. The scandal eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, the President of the United States, on August 9, 1974, the only resignation of a U.S. President. The scandal also resulted in the indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration of 43 people, including dozens of Nixon’s top administration officials.

It appears that the Cedar Hill ISD had its own brand of Watergate involving its Superintendent Horace Williams  and key members of the school’s administration including its Board of Trustees in a cover up to hide the fact that the superintendent’s close friends and hand pick members of his cabinet  had a criminal record of assault, and a checkered history of sexual harassment involving a female student of a previous school district. In 2oo7 Assistant Superintendent of Employee Relations, Dr. James Henderson who duties were that of employee background check discovered that Chief Academic Officer, Dr Homer Carter had a criminal history which included a conviction of assault in 2006. Dr James Henderson also noticed that Homer Carter had no job application on file which was a requirement by Cedar Hill School Policy before a contract could be offered.

Dr Henderson also discovered that another employee named Kenneth Groovy was also fired from the Houston Independent School District for sexual harassment of a female student. Groovy had lied on his application in order to gain employment as a budget analyst for the Cedar Hill school district, therefore it was the job of Assistant Superintendent James Henderson to ensure that the policies of the Cedar Hill ISD was followed. As part of his investigation, Henderson discovered that both men were close friend of the Superintendent Horace Williams, and in fact the three men shared an apartment together in Cedar Hill called the Legacy.

After making several attempts to get Dr Homer Carter to complete a job application, along with an investigation into the background of Budget Analyst Kenneth Groovy, James Henderson found himself relieved from his duties as Assistant Superintendent by Superintendent Horace Williams. In a nut shell Horace Williams used his position as Superintendent to retaliate against James Henderson and  to protect the job of a Homer Cater a man with a criminal history of abuse against of women, and who also had a long history of  anger issues, and abusing staff with the Houston ISD  going back as far as 1996.

In what seems to be a pattern with the Cedar Hill School District, shortly after James Henderson was relieved of his duties by Superintendent Horace Williams, Henderson started to receive write ups by Mike McSwain, Director of Finance for the school district. Henderson was written up on several occasions by McSwain for what James Henderson knew was a brand of retaliation for his blowing the whistle on two Cedar Hill ISD employees who had serious issues with their job status.  Believing that Mike McSwain was being directed to retaliate against him by Superintendent Horace Williams, James Henderson filed a grievance against the Superintendent of Cedar Hill ISD Horace Williams for retaliation, and creating a hostile work environment.

In his grievance against Superintendent Horace Williams, James Henderson listed that he believed the Superintendent retaliated against him for blowing the whistle on employees Dr Homer Carter, and Kenneth Groovy. Also in the Grievance Henderson mentioned that Dr Homer Carter had a recent criminal history that included a conviction of assault, along with the fact the Kenneth Groovy was terminated from the Houston ISD for sexual harassment of a female student, and he had lied on his job application.

Kim Lewis, Director of School Operations served as hearing officer for Henderson’s grievance filed against Superintendent Horace Williams, therefore Kim Lewis received all documented details of the issues brought up by Dr James Henderson including the fact that Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Homer Carter had a criminal history which included an assault conviction. Despite having knowledge to the fact that James Henderson was calling attention to the issue that Superintendent Horace Williams had abused his position, and violated school policy by awarding contracts to two individuals who failed to properly complete the Cedar Hill ISD job process, Kim Lewis ruled against Dr James Henderson as part of his level ll grievance against Superintendent Horace Williams.

With the help of Attorney Daniel Ortez, Dr James Henderson appealed his complaint against Superintendent Horace Williams to the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees. During the Level Ill hearing, the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees received all the documentation used by all parties involved at the previous Level ll hearing, therefore the entire Cedar Hill Board of Trustees had knowledge of the fact that Dr Homer Carter, Chief Academic Officer had a criminal record which included a conviction of assault.

Following the Level Ill hearing Dr James Henderson resigned his position as Assistant Superintendent of Employee Relations, and walked away with a check for the amount of $ 25,000.00. In what appears to be a cover up on the parts of Superintendent Horace Williams, Director of School Operations Kim Lewis, and the entire Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees, Dr Homer Carter was allowed to continue to be employed by the Cedar Hill School District.  Dr. Homer Carter was placed on a growth plan for anger management by the school board, and after the departure of Dr James Henderson from the school district, Homer Carter finally completed his job application as part of his employment with the Cedar Hill Independent School District.

In his job application, Homer Carter listed that he had never been convicted of assault, never been convicted of moral turpitude, nor had he resigned in Lew of termination from his previous employment. With the help of school officials from the Cedar Hill ISD including the Superintendent Horace Williams himself, Dr Homer Carter was able to get away with lying on his job application which is a violation of Cedar Hill school policy.

If the Superintendent of the Cedar Hill ISD had allowed Dr James Henderson to perform his duties in 2007 and exposed the fact that Dr Homer Carter had a checkered past which included issues with anger, abusing staff, parents, students, retaliation, and derogatory treatment of staff including the constant use of profanity in the work place, then several employees of the Cedar Hill ISD would not have had their careers destroyed by Dr Homer Carter.

With the backing of Superintendent Horace Williams and the board of trustees, Dr Homer Carter continued the same behaviors that got him fired from the Houston ISD. In January 2009, I addressed the Cedar Hill board of Trustees as part of a Level Ill grievance against Dr Homer Carter, and the main issues as part of my grievance against Carter was the fact that I felt that he has issues with anger, and retaliation.  The Cedar Hill board of Trustees basically ignored my complaint against Dr Carter, although they had prior knowledge from James Henderson that the content of my complaint was grounded in facts. I described an incident where Dr Homer Carter came to my school, and met with me and during our meeting, he was angry and used a racial slur towards a female employee. I also supplied a audio CD during my level ll grievance as proof of Dr Homer Carter’s used of profanity,and making racial slurs to be heard before the board of trustees, but the then acting board president Sonya Grass used her position to prevent the CD from being played for the record.

Following the outcome of my level Ill grievance with the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees, Dr Carter continued the retaliation, and bullying against me.  He would utilize his subordinates which were my supervisor to create a hostile work environment against me similar to what Superintendent Horace Williams did against Dr James Henderson in the form of write ups, and attempts to discredit my job performance.

In January 2009 former Cedar Hill Principal Michael Timms also had a Level ll hearing involving Dr Homer Carter, and the issues discussed were the fact Dr Homer Carter was undermining  the principal’s authority, created a hostile work environment, and retaliation. Michael Timms also mentioned an episode with Dr Carter where Dr Carter displayed such anger that he asked another Cedar Hill employee by the name of Kellie Spencer to step out of the room so he could attempt to fight Principal Michael Timms. Once again Kim Lewis, Director of School Operations served as hearing officer, and he ruled in favor of Dr Homer Carter, but he also mentioned in his summary to former Cedar Hill Principal Michael Timms, that other principals had acknowledged that Dr Carter had anger issues, but they had come to accept his behavior due to his high knowledge base.

In June of 2009, I reported Dr Homer Carter to the Cedar Hill Police Department for communicating a threat of bodily harm to me by way of my former Principal, Michael Timms.  Director of School Operations Kim Lewis who knew Homer Carter had a previous criminal History which included a conviction of assault covered up the incident by telling me that he was going to speak with the Superintendent about the incident, but failed to take any actions. when I spoke with Kim Lewis some six months later, I was told by Mr. Lewis that he had forgotten to mention the incident to the Superintendent Horace Williams.

Kim Lewis conducted a investigation some six months later in an attempt to cover his own ass, he did mentioned in his investigative summary that the board had placed Dr Carter on a growth plan for anger issues which is proof that the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees as well as Superintendent Horace Williams knew Homer Carter had a criminal conviction of violence.

Dr Homer Carter’ s reign of terror can be dropped solely at the feet of Superintendent Horace Williams, which would include more complaints filed against Dr Homer Carter for the same issues, such as anger issues, retaliation, hostile work environment, and threats. In August 2010, Principals Dr Dawn Brown and Dr Karen Crow file separate grievances against Dr Homer Carter for what the ladies cited as years of mental abuse at the hands of the Chief Academic Officer. Both Principals described witnessing bouts of anger by Homer Carter which included screaming, yelling, hostile work environment, humiliation, and a general lack of respect and unprofessionalism.

During a level Ill hearing before the board of Trustees once again the district did not take proper actions against Dr Homer Carter and his egregious behavior towards staff. They failed to conduct an investigation into Dr Carter’s behavior as requested by Dr Karen Crow, instead the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees decided that Dr Homer Carter was never to be alone with Dr Dawn Brown in any meetings, and he was barred from the campus of Dr Karen Crow. It was said that during the Level Ill hearing, Superintendent Horace said that the issues between Dr Dawn Brown and Dr Homer Carter was a direct result of the two administrators having the same personality type, in order words they were both just a like in their temperament which is why they did not get along.

After the Level Ill hearing Dr Carter was allowed to continue to mistreat staff, and no farther actions was taken against him by the Superintendent Horace Williams, or members of the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees.

With Dr James Henderson, Michael Timms, Dr Dawn Brown, and Dr Karen Crow now gone from the Cedar Hill School District, along with myself, Frank Hammond, it was believed the threat of exposing the real truth of how the Superintendent Horace Williams managed to protect his good friend, and personal attack dog Dr Homer Carter’s job was safe, and secure.  After having my 20 year career in education ended by Dr Homer Carter, Superintendent Horace Williams, and their subordinates such as Shana Nix, Constance Ramirez, and Chandra McGee, I decided to fight back the best way I knew how.  I decided to utilize my experience in investigations to conduct the investigation that the Cedar Hill ISD refused to conduct.

As part of my investigation, I discovered that Homer Carter was terminated from his job from the Houston ISD, and the Houston ISD cited the termination of Dr Homer Earle Carter was due to a conviction of a assault charge against a female member of his household in 2006. I farther discovered that Homer Carter was removed from his position as a middle school principal for abusing staff, parents, and the students. There was a complete investigation from the Houston ISD that detailed reports of constant use of profanity, derogatory treatment of staff, favoritism, possession of alcohol on campus, and misuse of Title 1 funds.  Homer Carter was transferred to a position at central office due to the fact that he had anger issues.

Superintendent Horace Williams knew of Homer Carter’s past, and he took steps to protect Homer Carter at the expense of the careers of others.  Superintendent Horace Williams, and Mike McSwain helped Homer Carter to defraud the tax payers by allowing Carter to complete his job application after Assistant James Henderson was removed from the duties of overseeing employee relations.

Horace Williams, and Mike McSwain knew that Homer Carter’s prior history of having a recent conviction of assault would disqualify him for employment with the Cedar Hill School District, therefore they removed James Henderson out of the way, and allowed Homer Carter to complete a false job application for which he indicated that he had no prior convictions of assault , no offense of moral turpitude, never had been placed on leave pending and investigation, nor did he resign in Lew of termination all of which were proven lies by documentation supplied to me under the Open Record Act.

There should be an investigation into the role various individuals played in the cover up including the Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees who knew as far back as 2007 that Superintendent Horace Williams took actions against an employee named Dr James Henderson for simply doing his job by reporting that an employee who was a close friend and roommate of Superintendent Horace Williams had a recent conviction of assault and may have posed a threat to members and staff of the Cedar Hill School District.

If not for Horace Williams’ abuse of his position as Superintendent several former employees including myself would not have been subjected to the unfair treatment of Chief Academic Officer Dr Homer Carter, and would be still employed with the Cedar Hill Independent School District.

Homer Carter continues to be employed with the Cedar Hill School District despite the fact that it has been proven that he lied on his job application, had a recent convictions of assault against a female who was a classroom teacher, and has had four grievances filed against him by four different administrators including a counselor for what appears to be similar offenses that dealt with anger, retaliation, cohering staff to falsify evidence, hostile work place, using subordinates to retaliate, constant use of profanity, and undermining the work history, and duties of those who filed a grievance against him.

Although Dr Homer Carter had a history of abusing staff that went back as far as 1996 to present, the real culprit, and should be held accountable for Dr Homer Carter’s actions and his mistreatment of staff, and others is Superintendent Horace Williams, along with the entire Board of Trustees.

Other supporting documention regarding this atricle including information taken from James Henderson’s grievance filed against Superintendent Horace Williams can be read on this blog.



76 Responses to “Cedar Hill Superintendent Horace Williams Retaliates Against Whistleblower Dr James Henderson who discovered Chief Academic Officer Dr Homer Carter had a Criminal Conviction”

  1. Imagine what these fools would do if they had 45 million dollars to screw around with, hell! Horace would evict all the elderly people from the city.

  2. Suzzy Q says:

    Why were three grown men over the age of 45 living in an apartment together, there was something strange about that, i am just saying what everyone else is thinking?

  3. Regardless if they were lovers or not, Horace Williams used his position to help Homer Carter aquire a high paying job that he was not qualified for because of his criminal history. How much funds have been wasted paying legag fees to attorneys on the behalf of Dr Homer Carter. That is the big picture which is why I am voting against the bond package. I can not get pass the wasteful spending.

  4. Dr. Mo Lew says:

    Parents & Community,

    The Chase Bank account has been set up. We have a little over 35 days to fight the good fight against this bond.

    Please make any and all donations to: Parent Institute on Education & The Watchful Eye, P. O. Box 3021, Cedar Hill, TX 75106 or Chase Bank account #436253863..

    Lets make a difference. Don’t just talk about it. Be about it!!

    “No Reform! No Justice! No Bond!”

  5. Dr Mo, I love your drive, and with the people behind you we can stop the school district from wasting our tax dollars on nonsense. Count me in

    • Dr. Mo Lew says:

      Thanks Unknown CH Teacher,

      We’ll make every effort to turn this educational platform around. Please tell another educator, neighbor or friend to support our cause.

      God Bless

  6. Doug D says:

    Horace Williams has done nothing for the Cedar Hill Community, but pad his bank account, and it is time for him and his band of merry men to go.

  7. Yes I agree that Horace, Homer, and Kim Lewis really screwed up in how they had the man Henderson removed from his position, but the real culprits are the members of the Board of Trustees. If we really want something done about the atmosphere of the school district did we must take the proper steps to get rid of the self-serving board, and replace them with one that will work on the behalf of all Cedar Hill students, and not just a select few. My husband and I struggled for years trying to get our child into the GT program, but was sytmied by the process put in place by a select few.

    • Dr. Mo Lew says:

      @ Fighting for all Children, of course you know I’m working on that now. If we get enough signatures we’ll make something happen real soon. It would be in their best interest to just walk off quietly and save themselves.

      As you can tell, the laundry we’re washing is coming REAL clean. #WashBoard

  8. Doc G says:

    Wow! just read the Henderson report that you posted, and I must say there is no doubt that Superindentent Horace Williams misused his position to retaliate against the man in order to protect a man with what appeared to be some serious mental issues. yes Horace needs to step down for the sake of the school district.

  9. Peggy S says:

    Not trying to be sexist, but Carter had some issues with strong women, and since Dr Dawn Brown had a strong personality it drove Carter crazy.

  10. Peggy S says:

    There is no accuses for the actions, or lack of actions by school officials, and before I give them any of my tax dollars something has to be done before November 6th.

  11. There is no limits to the things that has gone on within this school district including the assault of the minority students by members of the coaching staff, and nothing serious was done to the coaches involved.

    Cedar Hill School District is not safe, and maybe its time for the parents to consider pulling our kids out of the Cedar Hill ISD

  12. It was time for Kim Lewis to go, he was a key player in the retaliatory practices of the district, it is time to make some serious changes starting by voting no to given more tax dollars to people who has spent tax dollars supporting retaliation against teachers.