Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price voices displeasure to Dallas ISD school board

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price echoed what some teachers in Dallas ISD have been saying for several months: “I am concerned as a lot of citizens are with the direction of this district.”

Price addressed trustees at today’s board briefings. He listed several complaints including the sudden departure of Shirley Ison-Newsome, a former assistant superintendent who had been in DISD for 37 years. DISD has not said why she left, citing personnel privacy, and Ison-Newsome has not returned calls for comment.

He also voiced concern with the surprising departure of former Chief of Staff Alan King, who was also over district finances. He said that progress has been made in the district and he’s concerned that the district will backslide with all that’s going on.

Price also addressed teacher morale being low. Teachers are upset over an extended 45-minute workday, which they believe hinders them from working with students after school and meeting with parents. They’re also upset with changes implemented under Superintendent Mike Miles that directs how they teach students.

Price said that more employees would speak up if they were not “terrified,” and he laid much blame on Miles, who joined the district in July. But he said that board members have to take notice because they are responsible for the district.

“The district seems to be in terror, and that is no way to run a district,” Price said.

6 Responses to “Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price voices displeasure to Dallas ISD school board”

  1. Why is this fool speaking out when he is in enough trouble with the law?

  2. These fool wasted some good votes re-electing this jailbird.

  3. I wonder will Shirley Ison-Newsome be sending John Wiley Price a cake with a file in it so he can escape for Federal Prison.

  4. Cowards says:

    The teachers who are complaining about having to work an extra 45 minutes should try talking to the people who are unemployed.

    John Wiley Price was not speaking out on the behalf of the teachers of DISD, no, his only interest was trying to forced Mike Miles to recind the resignation/retirement of Shirley Ison-Newsome between now and August 2013.

    There was never a concern about teacher moral until Shirley got forced out

  5. Everyone could see right through the plan by Shirley Ison-Newsome to bring in a member of her church to try and intimidate the Superintendent into rehiring Shirley.

    Shirley Ison-Newsome while acting as Superintendent got rid of a lot good administrators, and replaced them with her cronies.

  6. Dr. Mo Lew says:

    There is NO intimidating Mike Miles trust me. If you want to know about Mikes leadership style, read the book the 5th discipline.