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The Watchfuleye Show July 09/2012

Click on the button below to listen to the Watchfuleye Show The Watchfuleye Show July 09/2012   On today’s show Host FH jr. and Co-Host Pearl Jones discuss how a Connecticut Father was arrested for allegedly paying to have her daughter’s middle school bully beaten up by another much older student. Followed by the story of […]

Connecticut Dad Hires Another Girl to Beat up His Daughter’s Bully at School

Girl speaks out about being bullied: This is truly a sad story, by I believe that parents taken matters into their own hands to deal with their children being bullied will quickly become the norm unless school districts a cross the country get serious about protecting students at school. Cops: Dad paid $21 to […]

Haslet teacher arrested for having sex with student

Is this a case of Administrative Bullying as reported by WFAA Reporter Johnathan Betz? by WFAA’s Johnathan Betz FORT WORTH – A North Texas teacher now faces criminal charges after police say she had a months-long affair with one of her students. Fort Worth police officers arrested Rachelle Heenan, 34, at her Haslet home Thursday […]

Man acquitted of assault after punching pedophile priest

  Vigilante justice seems to be having a healthy run within the U.S. courts these days. First, there was the dad who killed a man he caught sexually assaulting his daughter. Now, the California man who beat up a priest he said molested him and his brother has been found not guilty of felony assault. […]

Texas Principal Accused of Planting Camera in Locker Room

A principal is under investigation after she allegedly planted a hidden camera in the locker room of a Texas high school basketball team. Prosecutors say Wendee Long, a principal at Wayside Middle School in Fort Worth, planted the camera to see how her daughters’ new coach talked to the team after they complained to their […]

Teacher compares student to ‘orangutan’ on Facebook, could lose license

By Suzanne Choney A teacher who got on Facebook and likened one of her students to an orangutan could wind up losing her teaching license for the derogatory comments she made on the social network. An elementary school teacher in Manatee County, FL, posted the remarks, as shared by the mother of the student with […]

The Watchful-eye Show

Click on the button below, and listen to the latest segment of The Watchfuleye Show TWE June 2, 2012 Host, and Author FH jr. and Co-Host Pearl Jones discuss how students from Greece, New York who bullied a elderly bus monitor named Karen Klein was punished, and did the punishment they received,  fit the crime. Also more on the topic […]

The Watchfuleye Show June 25, 2012

Click on the button below, and listen to The Watchful-eye show The Watchful-eye Show June 25, 2012   Author Fh jr, and Co-Host Pearl Jones talk about the latest events in the world of Administrative Bullying. Today’s topics are as listed,” No Justice! No Bond,!”  the latest on the abuse of students by members of […]

Texas Parents Claim Teacher Abused Their Autistic Children

Texas parents claim teacher abused their autistic children Posted: Jun 20, 2012 10:51 AM CDT Updated: Jun 20, 2012 10:51 AM CDT It appears that the abusing of children by school staff is unacceptable in all school districts in Texas except for Cedar Hill ISD, and Dallas ISD. This article points to the fact that […]

Internet to Give Bullied Bus Monitor a Vacation

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Although the goal of the this web-page is to expose the different aspects of Administrative Bullying, but there are times when we must also share other aspects of bullying as well. Internet to give bullied bus monitor a vacation (NSFW) Ugliness spawned kindness following […]